Slime Laboratory 2

Slime Laboratory 2 is a sequel to the materials science-based platformer where you embark on an unpleasant excursion through a secret laboratory. Beware of all the traps and hazards you see, barely pass through holes, stick to hard surfaces and move tall stages! Take the necessary steps to sneak past various risky obstacles to reach the checkered finish safely. Don't forget to pick up every circle you see on your way. Slime Laboratory 2 further adds new biomes, new game mechanics and even slime customization. Is it true or not that you are prepared for a tight spot?

Our ill-fated companion escaped from the main lab, but unwittingly made it straight to the next one. Your task, therefore, will be in the future to help him leave. Prepare yourself for the difficult levels where you can anticipate various obstacles and testing difficulties.

As the sediment fearlessly escapes from the main lab, he stumbles back into another. He is completely thinned out in a difficult place. No one but you can help him escape the massive research that is looking for him in Slime Laboratory 2. Be ready to face the most exciting and challenging levels ever found in a stage experience game.