Basket & Ball

Basket & Ball is a b-ball game like no other. Consolidating games and riddle classes, the game gives you the opportunity to arrange innovative approaches to put the ball in the trash! It is your responsibility to ricochet the b-ball and score by going through a wide range of physics puzzles. Earn a lot of prizes before you dive into Basket and Ball! How high could you score? Revolutionary Ball is under your unlimited authority in this b-ball game like no other! Bounce it to the crate and get a score to complete the level. The court is full of compromising obstacles with the ball and amazing prizes that develop in the game. Touch the jump to ricochet the live ball as if you were wasting it! Use the gamepad or virtual joysticks to take the tramp ball to the crate! Perform insane acrobatic stunts, test your throwing point and tackle scientific puzzles on materials to complete the levels! Use the time to stop the prize to escape from difficult places. Turn to stone to hold on to your nails, get up to jump higher, and even change your gravity to get unthinkable. Stay away from mechanical police and fire traps, get around spikes, jump in the water and push yourself with explosions of 108 degrees of extreme fun! Watch out for UFO outsiders trying to kidnap you for their disgusting sightings! Earn smart achievements like MVP in basketball, Delinquent or Yogi. Compete with your companions in the charts in the challenge of collecting stars. Basket & Ball offers two types of interactivity. The first is a traditional arcade mode with virtual joystick controls. You need to show a little speed and accuracy of time to complete the levels effectively. However, in order to really hang in the high-scoring charts, you need to collect the stars scattered on the b-ball field, often in places that are obviously difficult to reach. Rewards such as vacuum devices, gravitational displacement or stopping opportunities will prove useful. An alternative interactivity is advertised every 3 or somewhere in the surrounding levels. You have to send the ball at a carefully selected speed and aim, as in many other ball throwing games! These levels are classified as "shootout challenges" and the b-ball course will contain 3 stars to collect. The stars will be checked only if you transfer them to the trash. Collect each of the 3 stars and win immediately. Otherwise you have to get something like a result of 3 shots to pass the test. We have to play b-ball! Test your abilities in 50 filled activity levels. In this great physics puzzle you are the ball and you have to follow the circle of your favorite. Watch out for the police robo, fire traps and dangerous spikes. Use explosions, turn into stone or explode to jump much higher. Try to get all the stars and become the master of the ball!