Urban Stack

Urban Stack is an easy game to build your own fantasy city! Construct numerous cool designs as basic as stacking blocks.

It's never been easier to build your own fantasy city! Building multiple superb designs in our amazing Urban Stack game is essentially as simple as stacking blocks. Drop each building block completely on top of each other to construct and complete the design. Anyway, watch out! A truly radiant city requires both tolerance and experience. Do you have the items?

Build gorgeous urban areas using your inimitable stacking abilities with Urban Stack! Place the floors carefully, drop the roof and open another structure for your fantasy city! Carefully plan every part of your city, give bread kitchens, lavish cafes and ancient sanctuaries to your residents and tell the world the best way to build a paradise on the planet!

As the owner of a beautiful land by the ocean, it's up to you to build a city and raise it! You can start with the basic needs of your relatives and add more administration and social services over time. Your structural abilities are especially needed in the development part. Assemble your structure floor by floor and try to keep the structure in one piece. Try not to let the pieces go too far, or your structure will self-destruct. Try to reach the objective speed by placing the pieces with practically zero deviation and unlock new designs. Keep track of the number of residents you have on the city screen, complete achievements and secure your rewards to add order to your properties. Return to your old structures to change their rates and welcome more people to live in your city. We need to know how great you are with development!