BitLife Life Simulator

Is it true that you are ready to continue an intriguing virtual existence with the game BitLife - Life Simulator? Start a daily existence without any preparation and come to terms with the ideal choice gradually and step by step, until you finally become a model resident in your life before your life comes to an end. Be conceived and grow with your satisfaction, well-being, knowledge and levels of love at the top of your list of priorities and build a solid character through your meetings and associations with family, pets and companions. Focus to get to the top, choose your sexuality, go to a specialist when you get sick, and when you grow up, take part in the benefits that every adult can have, meet your first love, get your driver's license and build your fantasy existence with hard work and commitment! Will you be reliable enough or will you stick to some unacceptable decisions that will scare your people? You can also commit violations, undermine your accomplice or even go to jail - you choose your story. How could you experience your BitLife? Will you try to make the right decisions by trying to become a resident model at some point before you bite the dust? You could marry your first love, have children and get a well-rounded school along the way. Or on the other hand will you play solutions that stun your people? You could engage in wrongdoing, feel passionate about or engage in endeavors, start riots in prison, snatch luggage bags, and betray your companion. You choose your story ... Discover how a small step in a given life decisions can lead to the decision of your achievement in the life of the game. Smart story games have been around for a very long time. However, this is the basic text system for testing life to crush and restore the lives of adults.