Rainbow Obby

Rainbow Obby is an obby game where you have to reach the highest point of a giant obstacle! There are three interesting game modes to explore:

Sample Mode: The first Rainbow Obby! Run, jump and climb your way through 3 different universes with lots of obstacles!
Vehicle Mode: Loaded with inclines, jumps and interesting streets - this mode is for the fast evil spirits and talented drivers!
Bike Mode: All the demo mode test, but now you're on a bike! Assuming you think this will make parkouring easier, you'd be off base.

Obi is a remarkable cube man who lives in his own pixel world where he does research and tries to travel constantly. This time our legend chose to explore another track for parkour and bike lovers. Indeed, you were right, bike parkour, and now together with him we will try to evaluate another track and his number one bike.