Only Up Parkour 2

In some peculiar way the whole climate rose. Maybe gravity played a terrible joke or it was some kind of magic, but the legend of the second piece of the interesting 3D parkour does not mind why and how it turned out, above all, at the moment he can drain his solidarity by going on an excursion vertical using flying objects.

We are once again pleased to invite you to the hotly anticipated sequel to the exciting arcade game "Only Up Parkour 2", in which you have to climb a confusing vertical maze of hanging objects and overcome new levels! Your main goal is to help the main character defeat all the deterrents while heading towards the final goal which is located at a height of 500 meters. To effectively complete several segments of the road, you need to show agility and speed of reaction to protect yourself from a sad fall to the exclusive base. Thanks to the excellent illustrations, smooth movement and continuous habit-forming interaction, you can encounter very clear feelings and enlighten your relaxation time.