Shoot'n'Shout Turbo

Shoot'n'Shout Turbo is an action game where you put your point under the microscope by shooting beasts. Abnormal extraterrestrial animals have attacked Earth and you are the ultimate legend who can stop them! Grab your gun and bazooka to get rid of the hordes of enemies and save the world in this material science based shooting match. Aim carefully and shoot each of the monsters, but be careful not to miss or waste your slugs - either way, we're generally miserable.

Grab a gun and a bazooka and try to kill the enemies. Do your best to throw them away. In addition to shooting, you will also have to figure out how to overcome obstacles. Track the ranking and become a true legend.

The domain of one of the virtual universes was attacked by outsiders who want to oppress every one of the local people. The game personality does not agree with this situation and thus declares a battle against all intruders. It is worth becoming his accomplice and during an intriguing game help to destroy all enemies.