Stickman Fighting 2 Player

Stickman Fighting 2 Player is a fun addictive fighting game with ragdoll stickman doodle illustrations that you can play online and for free. In this awesome game for two players, you can move a companion to face conflicts until the very end, more specifically until your stick is split. Fight with clenched hands, feet, head, blade and anything you can hit your opponent with. You can also play this game without anyone else in a wide range of modes. Try gravity mode, ninja mode, cow mode and surprisingly story mode to start a great experience. There are no standards in this boxing match, so float around and kick your opponent's ass until you win the fight. Get involved with Stickman Fighting 2 Player! The showdowns in the world of Stickmen never end. Men of different tones continue to fight, not forever, but rather to the death. Stickman Fighting 2 Players internet game welcomes you to fight with your companion on the grounds that the game is unusually designed for two players. You will control characters whose development is erratic. All things considered, you need to wipe out your opponent using any means.