Dog Puzzle Story 2

Help the little puppy Charlie change his story with Dog Puzzle Story 2! He returned with added charm and an equivalent predicament. Since he is only a small puppy, he actually needs help cleaning up his toys. Can you compare toys and pads at some point to give him a hand?

Adorable little Charlie has a hard time keeping his toys and pillows clean. Someone has to help him find his lost toys and put them back. To do this, you need to match at least three of a similar toy and kill them from the table. Hold his paw and he will guide you from the main level. Stick to the guidelines and master the basic moves. Aim to become innovative; coordinating four or five toys gives you extraordinary toys with supporter effects that clear columns and regions. These moves also give you extra focuses on the score, bringing you more like another record. New items, such as choosing a supporter, open up as you travel through levels. These promoters help you discard some toys or swap their places without using any moves. Help your new dearest companion with his toys, create new stories together and get shocking gifts.

Dog Puzzle Story 2 is a silly match 3 puzzle game with many levels. Make the symbols swap places to make combinations of at least three similar things. In each level you have a certain number of moves to collect the riches you really want.

Arrange the dog pillows, toy bones and paw prints to make mixes of at least three similar things. Significant mixes will pop in and out of the load, giving more room for new stuff to drop.

In this puzzle-based dog game, the level objectives are displayed on the board on one side of the board. Here you can see what things you will need to clear from the board and the number of moves you have left to achieve your goals.

Try to complete each level using as few moves as can really be expected. Any of the moves you have left after completing your objectives will turn into bombs, allowing you to collect heaps of extra spots and complete the level with a three-star score.

Dog Puzzle Story 2 is a match-3 game where you help a dog in an attempt to keep coordinating and making power-ups to unlock the level!