Wings Rush 2

In the second part of the game Wings Rush 2 you will continue to help Wooddy the woodpecker in his experiences in the distant places of the wood where he lives. Your man will be noticeable on the screen in front of you, who will run on the back road, gradually gaining speed. Pieces of golden mint and precious stones that your legend must collect will be scattered on the street. In the process of your saint's development, there will be holes in the ground and various hunters living in the remote forests. The moment your saint moves to a risky section of the street or beast, you need to touch the screen with the mouse. Accordingly, you will limit the legend to jump and fly in the air through this risk. Wings Rush 2 is a game where a little blue hedgehog runs so fast that sometimes he can't stop and this time with another election game here! The game plans to reach the goal in each of the obstacles in a remarkable 2D climate, go through many deterrents and complete the levels. Go through the area of ​​green slopes, the marble area and the desert and collect as many rings as possible. Use the rings to open new and faster characters and beat each of the results. in this stunning run. Control the person so that he can appear safely on each of the levels with maximum gas in this fun new game.