Aquablitz 2

The marine theme is extremely well known in the incomprehensibility of virtuality, so many riddle games with pictures of the inhabitants of the oceans and seas continue. An illustration of this is the game Aquablitz 2. On the battlefield, fixed with bright shells, starfish, radiant yellow ocean demons. On the main levels, before you receive the order, a charming little mermaid young lady will appear in front of you to review the directions of the game. They are basic and direct: they collect at least three indistinguishable components in a row. The levels will offer you different endeavors and an end point for their implementation on schedule. The online game Aqua Blitz 2 takes place in a submerged world where various animals live, including amazing ones. In any case, this game is the same as the different games in the three consecutive series. Make rows of at least three indistinguishable things. For long chains you will receive rewards that will work with the level section.