Lego City Adventures: Build and Protect

Welcome to Lego City, you will be greeted by Major Solomon Fleck. It will guide you in a modern way and will show at the main stage how you want to start the development of another city on a certain site. Build houses, get building materials all the time - Lego blocks. Everything in this world is made of them. The structures create a payment for which you would buy new structures. The blocks are extracted with the help of puzzles, you open them on the battlefields, removing earth colored tiles in LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect. Remember that the city needs police and firefighters to keep everything under control and protect the residents. Appreciate the construction of the greatest city you can imagine! When the main offices are ready, focus around the fire and police units to keep your city safe. Test your ingenuity with these Lego. Lego City Adventures: Build and Protect is a continuous system game in which your main goal is to build a prosperous city made of Lego blocks. Dig land for building blocks, build premises and deposit money to dig and assemble more. Lego games are cool and this one welcomes you to engineering. You want to arrange where the constructions will be made. Choose places, choose a structure to make, and spend assets to complete it. Take the goods, make some tiles and arrange the traffic well so that the capacity of the city is amazing. Expand the city, go and build more structures.