Misland is an idle/board game that lets you change a remote location into a thriving sky! Starting from picking apples from the trees with your bear hand, you can revise your abilities and devices individually! The island is full of assets and ready to be discovered. By exchanging assets with the boat, your abundance will evolve. When you have adequate assets, you'll have a group of partners to take care of ventures like apple picking, tree hacking, and stone quarrying! Be careful of the attacking beasts that try to take your assets; you will have to use your blade to defend your island. Can it be said that you are ready to manage the change of the entire island?

The three-layer bright system will lead you to a thriving island where, when you are on a huge island, you will have the precious chance to turn it into a real paradise by developing the best foods grown from the earth, mining minerals and obviously taking in various battles with beasts , who have chosen to take control of your island.