Blumgi Castle

Blumgi Castle is an expert game where you prepare various explosives and unique weapons to sink your enemies into the water. Blast your opponents or smash the ground they're stuck on! Use the pointer around your personality to point, hold the activity button to set power and rain bomb delivery on beasts. You will complete a level effectively in the event that every animal in the level is crushed. You'll unlock a virgin cool guy every few levels, so make sure you play as each one! Try to actually check out the exclusive weapons at the top - as there are some really awesome ones like bigger blasts, buzzer, dynamite, laser arrows and, surprisingly, the famous magically transporting b-ball from its sister game Blumgi Ball! There is no right method to clear a level, so go ahead and do a wipeout and take part in this addictive, no-holds-barred expert game. In order to protect yourself from an attack, in some cases you have to deprive yourself of something. The legend of the game Blumgi Castle is ready to destroy half of his palace just to get rid of the disgusting slugs that have chosen the peaks and nothing can clear them from there. Anyway, the legend followed a path. In the basements he had a ton of little bombs lying around. With them he will obliterate the opponents. Assuming the targets are in the line of fire, it is important to drop bombs so that they fall close to the target. Assuming that slugs or various opponents are far away, obliterate the structure, tracing the weakest spots. It is critical to be in the water immediately. Every five levels the characters in Blumgi Castle will change.