Parkour Block 4

Go around the blocks to get to your waypoint in Parkour Block 4! On the way you entered a secret hideout. To escape this gigantic and melancholy sanctuary, you really want to proceed towards the huge door. However, can you handle this dangerous place at any time! This 3D game challenges your ability to track your own balance. Right now, your main goal is to walk and jump calmly over the blocks above the magma. You try to reach the entrances to the finish of each level to finally break free from this sanctuary. There are 60 levels to reach these entrances carefully. There are also two main choices for interactivity; speed mode and face mode. You can simply use the WASD keys or the bolt keys to move your personality. In any case, this game has an individual perspective, so you will adjust your view with the cursor. Be careful with each step to avoid falling into the magma. In case you fall, you will bomb the level, but you have the option to start as many times as you like. Parkour Block 4 is a 3D platformer Parkour game with a Minecraft design, the fourth part includes 60 moving levels that you can overcome. In the fourth part of the Parkour Block 4 game, you will continue to help your legend from the Minecraft universe participate and win parkour rivalries. In front of you on the screen you will notice the street going into the distance. On cue, your legend will advance bit by bit by moving forward. Check the screen. In the method of your legend, there will be openings in the ground, obstacles and various risks. You skillfully control your personality, you must ensure that your legend conquers this large number of risky regions with speed. Remember that the existence of your legend depends on your reaction speed. In case you don't answer in time, your legend will be hurt and you will lose the round. Fourth part of Parkour Block with Speedrun mode! Play with experience, sample method for your number one games directly in the program on your computer and phone!