Rocket Fest

Lead a rocket rally and bomb the enemy base with Rocket Fest! Order the missile on the right path, use the digital gateways to duplicate and expand your weapon numbers and arrive at the base with the most complete stack of missiles! Take on some missions twice so you don't leave unfinished business and bring back the triumph! Today's warfare does not use fighters to pursue opposing forces; he uses remote control rockets! In this conflict you are in charge. Our main objective is to double the number of our missiles as expected and cause maximum damage to the enemy's army installation. The sea will not prevent you from destroying every one of the tanks! Grab the main rocket and start moving! Swipe left and right to avoid obstacles and go through the green portals. These inputs increase your numbers while the red ones decrease them. You lose all rockets in case you hit a rock. Be careful and react quickly to reach the final goal. Try not to miss the supporters of the yellow repair; they re-project your power, expanding the damage your missiles do. You get compensation for a successful mission; don't forget to revise your starting details and hit the field with extra benefits. Rocket Fest is an awesome arcade and rocket game full of explosions and variety where you have to collect the right number of rockets to kill an island in the sea full of enemy tanks and nukes. Try not to let any of the rockets along the way escape your grasp, as a major mistake will prevent you from winning the final triumph. Keep your reflexes sharp, move flawlessly from one side of the stage to the other, avoid obstacles and fly over an endless sea full of ammo. Experience it in a new dot-by-dot universe and brilliant illustrations!