Fish Squad

Fish Squad is a two-on-two fighting game where you play as an equipped fish! You want to shoot the enemy as many times as you can expect under the circumstances without kicking the bucket over and over. For every time you defeat an enemy, your party gets one point. Score more focuses than the other group in 90 seconds to dominate the game! With each game you dominate, you'll gain experience focuses and a shock box. With the experience focus, you can repair your #1 fish, while the jars can contain new fish to open! There are 14 unique characters to unlock, each with their own power and weapons. Try to open them all and see which one suits you best. Can you become the deadliest catch in Fish Squad at any time?

An interesting battle between two fighting fish who decided that this was the perfect opportunity to stop swimming underwater and go on land. It just so happened, two comparative warriors equipped with all kinds of weapons and prepared for the upcoming battle also seemed to meet them from another waterway. All that's left is to use your weapon to move things around the city and finish this ground battle in an awesome arcade game.