In the game Microwars you will go to reality, where there are small particles of different shades. There is a battle for endurance between them. You will take part in the Microwars game. In front of you on the screen you will see your blue shading particles located inside the circle. At a certain separation from your circle there will be another with red particles. You have to catch the enemy's circle. To do this, click on your circle and draw a line from it to the opponent's circle. Your particles will move along this line and attack the enemy. If there is a larger amount of your particles, they will catch the enemy circle and you will get tricks for it. Take each of your opponents, cell by cell. Continuously starting with the blue, grab the others by sliding your finger from one cell to another. Welcome to another type of methodological game. One finger to control them all. MicroWars is the transformation of the mobile phone of the hit achievement "Nano War". Try this new touch of continuous interaction and have fun. Microwars Wars - A fun 2D game with different levels and astonishingly intelligent continuous interaction. Great game with one goal procedure, you want to defeat all the cells by sending your units. Use the mouse to connect with the game and gather your own miniature armed forces in this io game. The time has come to experience it with MicroWars, the new form of the fruitful game "Nano War", sent in 2008. This great methodology and war game prompts us to conquer every corner of the planet with the help of ready-made little blue animals to effectively progress. Your main mission will be to immediately and immediately destroy your humiliated opponents with unpleasant appearances that will do everything possible to defeat you. Send your units ready to go and ready to ascend to ride in one of the most difficult and habit-forming rounds of the system that exists, among other things, capture enemy troops and get your military to evolve to become the largest and most destructive on the planet and participate in a collection of 80 levels from the other world and up to 20 different cover to collect.