Motorbike Simulator

In the Motorcycle Simulator you can get the opportunity to face what you feel like an outrageous motorcyclist! Make your motorcycle, get a head protector and get ready for an exciting ride. Would you be able to catch the adrenaline junkie inside? stress on the exceptional chance that you can drive a cruiser, all things taken into account! The goal of this game is both basic and exciting! You just have to ride a motorcycle through different areas and test your tricks. You do not need permission to ride a bike in this game. To start the game, click the play button in the main menu. At this point, you can choose the territory in which to play. The game highlights 4 unique areas in which you can play. From now on you will be able to do what you need with your motorcycle! You will see distinctive tricks in each area. Navigate using either the bolt or the WASD keys. You can see the game controls in the upper left corner of the screen. You can also change your character from this point. There are 3 separate motorcycles that you can ride. One of them is the racer, the other is the police, and the last is the soil bike. How well do you want to ride?