Apple Knight Golf

In Apple Knight Golf, Apple Knight adopts an alternative strategy to defeat his enemies. Instead of fighting them head on with his blade, he will fight them using the power of golf! In each of the 15 levels, you must shoot your apple through the guide, hitting each enemy as you progress. Smash them all and the hatch to the end of the level will open. Shoot the ball into the hole and you win! Watch out for spikes or traps as much as possible, one can be categorized as one of these and be done. Could you ever excel at Apple Golf in Apple Knight Golf?

At one point, something terrible happened in one of the kingdoms - various enemy units moved to the city walls and everything would be fine, but only one knight remained among the defenders in the kingdom. How could he guard the kingdom alone, how could he stop the enemy? It is impossible for him to cope without outside help in the new 2D platformer! Maybe the enchantment will help the main guy stop the enemy?