My Sweet World

My Sweet World is an exciting, light-hearted game where you embark on a daring excursion to Candy Land, offering help to those down on their luck. The princess and the local people depend on your abilities as you upgrade the land and collect keys to open secret regions. Explore the dynamic world, collect assets like cotton from trees and frosting from sugar boards, and use your ingenuity to create a variety of delightful sweets.

My Sweet World is an easy to experience game where you have to go as a brave traveler who chooses to go to the place known for Candy to explore the enchanted places where milk and honey flow! You'll end up on one of the take-off islands where a horde of locals help you get acclimated and offer great directions.

A man named Robin moved through the entrance to the supernatural world of the place known for desserts. Our legend met the princess and her subjects and chose to help improve this country. You will help the man in this new exciting web based game My Sweet World. Using the control keys, you will control the legend's activities. He should wander around the area and explore his general surroundings. For this situation, your personality needs to collect or concentrate different types of assets. The moment they collect a certain amount, your personality will really want to build different structures and different things of value to the kingdom. So in the game My Sweet World you will expand the domain of the kingdom.