Raft Life

Raft Life is a recreation game that begins as you navigate a small pontoon in the vast sea. Stripped of your former city life, you must use your basic instincts to rebuild and thrive. Craft, build and grow your pontoon while collecting assets, fishing, planting and fending off shark attacks. Make new creature friends, keep an eye out for prizes like seagulls, and challenge yourself with another life that floats by.

The Raft Life game is an interesting endurance test system. The story begins when you wake up on a small pontoon in the vast sea! Right now, you have to rely only on your abilities to stay alive and not become an hors d'oeuvre for a shark. You have some pocket change to spend on extending the pontoon. Bring your ax and cut down a palm tree to get wood that you can sell in the market. With returns, you can expand the area of your drift design and open new designs.

Unfastened in the immeasurable sea, you move towards an obvious reality - your vessel has surrendered to the pitiless depths. An unbuttoned project on a small pontoon, your former existence of metropolitan extravagances fades into ancient history. Right now you need to muster the flexibility and resourcefulness to carve out another presence in the middle of the ocean's vast expanse.

Equip your crafting ability to expand your delicate pontoon into a thriving sanctuary. Create devices, protect style, and grow a bountiful nursery, guaranteeing your sustenance amid stormy waters. But beware the wandering hunters of the deep, their wild impulses keen to exploit every flaw.

Fortunately, the sea provides inquisitive animals and supportive seagulls, offering comfort and important assets. With their guide, you will transform your pontoon into a display of human strength, a signal of endurance in the midst of a barbaric ocean.