Forest Match 2

Outside, summer is in full swing and that means now is the right time to harvest new crops in our fantastic forest in Forest Match 2. The forest dwellers are gearing up for the colder time of the year in full force and have proactively lined up orders for forest fruits and nuts and you want to fill them up. Each level will have a different quest that will show the number and what goodies you want to collect. The actual assortment will be extremely straightforward, you want to track down the right leafy foods in rows of at least three pieces and thus they will move into your container. In the event that you figure out how to create a more extended column, you'll also get additional exceptional natural products that can blow up or eliminate an entire line of the double. These kind of rewards will come in handy in later levels as there quests will be more troublesome and you have to put in serious effort to complete them. With the game Forest Match 2, time will fly imperceptibly and you will feel perfect.

Immerse yourself in the wild leafy foods of Forest Match 2! Follow the adorable forest creatures through different levels of puzzles, find new guides and new difficulties, and get daily rewards for amazement! Unlock new items, complete missions and pass several thousand levels made just for you! How about we explore what this matching game has to offer!

Get away from the torturous urban existence with this forest excursion! Jump from one level to another, make new companions and find your life in the heart of nature! Follow the stages through the path and address riddles to see its end! You can follow the forest pixie through the main levels and gain experience in your duties in this world. She wants you to match at least three indistinguishable items to get them. You must follow the journey of the level given on the left; collect these things inside as much as possible and score focuses to pass a level. Hold an article and drag it to swap places with another. Connect several things to get supporting objects. You can use them to take super actions and get a much larger amount of the things you're looking for! Keep coming back and claim every one of the rewards that are hanging tight for you!