Ghost Wiper

In the sports Ghost Wiper you will meet brothers who nowadays have opened their personal cleaning agency. But don't assume anymore that they're doing a banal cleanse. In fact, men facilitate the residence of spirits, mainly in the event that they overdo it with citizens. A name on a telephone mobile phone just rang and a voice on the other side gave up the string urgently asking for assistance. There are ghosts in his huge residence. A small group leaves the place. You have to arrange twenty rooms and help the characters to find and extract spirits. One character sets a trap and the opposite one drives a ghost into it with a unique gun. Two brothers who opened a workplace to investigate and search for mysterious occurrences got a name for a telephone smart phone one day. The voice on the telemobile speaks approximately a large residence that is haunted and wants that residence to be cleansed. The brothers make tracks for the mysterious residence by preparing their products. Mysterious creatures in the residence, traps and puzzles will make their activities difficult. You have to help them facilitate twenty rooms to complete their activity. Your important undertaking is to expel the unwanted guests - the spirits. You just started a business venture with your brother. A commercial enterprise created with the idea of ​​exorcising any hellish spirits you can find. One day, you receive an unusual activity provided by a residence owner who wishes to be cleansed of all evil. You want to go through 20 rooms to complete the activity.