Stıckman Vs Zombıes

Careless undead walked with their green faces. Zombies are everywhere and they organize an attack in the energizing game Stickman against Zombies. Can it be said that you are ready to face these spoiling enemies and have stopped their greedy swallowing? Grab your weapons, grab some ammunition and get ready to throw out these brainless rivals. You have to fight through the urges of the zombies to endure. Would you be able to end their development? Stickman vs. Zombies is a fun shooting. Like the many different titles that have a place with this species, you will play with weapons while using your inanimate opponents as targets. In this energizing game you have to stop the zombie impulses to stop the penetration. Usually zombies do not think about the best plans to attack, but their solidarity lies in their huge number and perseverance. There is no limit to the influx of zombies! Your goal as a player is to kill as many zombies as you can and get a high score before kicking the bucket. You start with a basic weapon as a weapon, but as you discover, you will find pieces of gold coin pockets that you can collect and spend on major weapon repairs or buying new ones. It's hard to tell from their faces, but these zombies are eager to defeat you. You have 5 tricks of life when you start the game. Every time you get injured, you will lose one point. The moment you run out of life's tricks, you kick the bucket. Keep these zombies under control and try to kill as many as possible!