Jungle Jump

Somewhere down in the wilderness of the desert lives a funny monkey named Tom. Today, our man has to go to a distant region to collect wonderful bananas. You in the game Jungle Jump will help the monkey in this experience. Your person will move along the road at a certain speed. During its development, waterways will be crossed. Your guy has to jump over them. You will help him in this. An exclusive portable stage will be available to you. You will use the control bolts to replace it under the monkey and thus help to bounce over the water obstacle. A funny monkey who lives in a distant desert, likes to run and jump, but still can't swim. Tragically, coming, then, at this moment here, then, at this moment there, there are waterways to survive. Help the monkey in this web based Jungle Jump game. Move extraordinary stages in order for the monkey to cross the waterways and reach his goal.