Bubble Fight. io

In the new charging multiplayer game Bubble Fight. io you will fight in virtual fields against different players. Your task is to destroy all the balls with a number that can reasonably be expected to overcome your opponent. In front of you on the screen you will see a battlefield, in the focal point of which there will be packages of different shades. They will form a specific mathematical figure. On one side of the field will be your personality, and on the opposite side of the opponent's player. Single bundles of different tones will appear in the hands of your saint. You have to look carefully at everything and throw the same shading balls. In case you hit them, the items will be destroyed and you are in the game Bubble Fight. io will get tricks for it. The person who leads in the result will dominate the game. Bubble Fight IO is a match-3 game to shoot as many indistinguishable air pockets as possible to overcome the opponent. Bubble Fight.io is an invigorating multi-player bubble game in which you have to fight against rivals from around the world to get rid of the many colored bubbles collected at the focal point of the screen. The air pockets are arranged randomly at the focal point of the battlefield and you just have to point precisely to stack them in piles of at least 3 similar air pockets to make them disappear. Physical science will make every throw push the air pockets from one side to the other, which will make your central goal more disturbing. The more air pockets you break, the more damage you will do to your opponent! Is it true that you are ready to demonstrate your point of view and declare yourself a champion?