Merge The Gems

Connect similar numbered beads together to build their number. You'll probably try to get close to 30. Get tricks by mixing jewels and making combos. Try to top the late leaderboards in this fun and energizing web-based consolidation game. When the jewels arrive on the roof it is complete, at which point you must restart and try again. Consolidation Gems! allows you to consolidate rocks into gorgeous jewelry! Mix and match rocks, gold and then some and appreciate the sparkle and shine of diamonds. The idea of ​​the game is clear - you have a crate of gems and your solitary goal is to coordinate and merge them to make them blow up as much as could be expected. From time to time you will be skilled another diamond - and the faster you tap the box at the bottom of the screen, the faster the jewels will appear. Start coordinating with similar rocks and jewelry and discover the hidden treasures!