Cat Gunner vs Zombies

In Cat Gunner vs Zombies, the cat-like city is under attack by zombie cats and you are the lone saint to stop their attack. Paws and teeth will not be enough to fight against these dangerous rivals! Grab your most notable weapons and let those undead cats realize they've burned every one of their 9 lives! It's the perfect day to hunt down the undead! The milk jugs and balls of yarn have been obtained, so this is a perfect opportunity for revenge! Get into position, keep your finger on the trigger. The objective of this game is to clear each level of the zombies using your weapons. Use the WASD keys to move fair and square. Click the screen with the left mouse to shoot and use the mouse to rotate To complete a level you must crush every zombie you encounter. You will face different types of enemies. Some are not difficult to overcome, while others will have insurance and revenge. As you kill enemies, you will acquire Fish Waffles. These tasty treats are used as currency in this dystopian world, and you can unlock all the more notable weapons with them from the in-game shop. In the upper right corner of the screen you will see your ammo. The moment you burn through all your ammo, you need to reload. During this, your character will be defenseless and you must maintain a strategic distance from the enemy. Your well-being is located in the upper left corner.