Cover Orange: Space

Cover Orange: Space is a stage puzzle game where you have to arrange objects to cover our orange companions and protect yourself from the looming corrosive rain - in space! Our citrus legend is back for more action, but this time we're in space in light of the fact that the cloud of noxious gas followed us when we were accidentally launched into space! You just need to drag and drop various available items to form a shrine on the oranges. The threatening cloud will soon pass. Try to grab the secret star when this happens, and try not to get hit by falling raindrops or environmental hazards like laser radiation. There are 40 cleverly planned levels with puzzles that will leave you scratching your head. Share Cover Orange: Space with loved ones so you can tackle these fascinating space-themed awesomeness together.

By a strange coincidence, the oranges ended up in space, where a corrosive rain would begin. This strange common feature poses an incredible risk to organic products, as they essentially disintegrate when even one drop makes noise around town. Brains united with reason will help save the oranges from death.