Merge Dreams

Welcome to Merge Dreams, where you will merge and build a wonderland full of intriguing role models and stories! You will encounter the feeling and experience of mixing and fantasy, you will participate in the excursion of creation and exploration. You can consolidate everything into better and more impressive things for your trip. You will find exemplary characters from the English children's book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", a puzzling dragon egg and charming fire dragons, shiny pearls, huge crates, delightful colors, shiny structures, secret production lines and surprisingly legendary animals. Immerse yourself in a wonderful world in Merge Dreams! He stayed away from other people's affairs and took care of his magnificent children's room when everything turned into a mystical dream. You have to overcome many experiences at the moment! Can it be said that you are ready to compose your own story? In this incredibly definite puzzle game, you will not just combine things to overcome the levels. Here you have an amazing story that we assume you may know from your stories №1. Alice and her companions are here to go with you during this amazing experience. You will move, starting with one goal, then to the next, solving the riddles. To deal with confusing levels, you will combine things to get the most unsurpassed thing from this level. In the meantime, you will see enchanted things like the elixir that will make you more modest or you will encounter many other bold storylines. How about we see where the levels will take you to the end of this story. Now is the perfect time to experience it with Merge Dreams, while experiencing feelings and experiences in a game of fools, enlivened by the exemplary story of Alice in Wonderland, where you have to create an interesting place full of magic by combining a wide range of indistinguishable components 3 by 3 or 5 by 5, which makes them develop gradually. Create and repair a wide range of structures and produce many valuable items, use these elements to gain more gold and experience tricks that will allow you to open characters, stories and new terrains in which to experience this unique experience. Now is the time to help Alice save every one of her colleagues, from the white rabbit to the lord of hearts, passing the huge blue caterpillar! This stunning open game will allow you to think ambitiously as you travel through a world completely unclear to you, where the most amazing animals on the planet will be your best partners. Gradually raise the level at the expense of your work and continue to consolidate articles and animals to make them progress until you create the perfect world of pixies. Together with a charming young lady Alice you will go to a mystical land. Here, your champion must be busy improving a neglected region of a mysterious country. You will help Alice in this game in Merge Dreams. Most importantly, our champion chose to become an associate. It will be an enchanted bunny. In front of you on the screen you will see a young lady who stays close to home. The region close to it will be limited to square zones. In them you will see different types of boxes. Examine everything carefully. You have to move indistinguishable boxes together. Towards the end of the associations of these things you will receive an enchanted chest from which a rabbit will jump out. Currently, the fire is developing the region with different structures. You will get them by joining the building materials together. Whenever the region is developed and populated with individuals and mysterious animals, you will decide to explore obscure terrains. You will perform similar activities on them.