Lumberjack Story

This is the story of a daring woodcutter who lives in a small town in the mountains. He continued his cheerful existence and loved his job, but once a low-level wizard hunted his relatives and froze the whole town! Will you figure out how to save them from the terrible spell? Lumberjack Story is a riotous game created by Paranoid Glitch Games. Follow the story of a brave woodcutter who is on a mission to save his town after it is buried in ice. You will have to overcome different types of opponents to rebuild your city! Do you have what it takes to tackle the lumberjack story and restore harmony and warmth to the town? Today you play as a young man who has had a really fun life in his small town. He valued his work and adored vodka. Anyway, at some point an artist came and went after the city. He turned it to ice. Right now, you need to wipe out the con artist and make sure everything is back to normal. Begin your experience in this addictive web-based game in the present.