Base Defense 2

Base Defense 2 is a top player game in which your goal is to convey different types of weapons to protect your base from swarm enemies. Start by downloading your units and dropping them on the playing field. Your units will leave after the opponents approach. You just have to control the request and arrangement of the units. You will steal from the opponents you win so you can spend your revenue to work on your units or get new ones as heavy weapons specialists, security, towers and this is just the beginning. Be sure to update and raise your protection for more grounded protection! What number of periods of opponents can your base owe any time?

Base Defense 2 is a captivating methodology made in the classification of SafeGuard. Here we are talking about a difficult battle and a conquered sailing. Wonderful firearms, a superb soundtrack of shots, amazing drawings of beasts and lots of adrenaline sit tightly for you in another exciting game. On the left you see weapons, on the right - beasts progressing to the top.