Skiddy Taxi

Skiddy Taxi is an arcade game where you have to collect as many passengers as is reasonable while plotting your course. Stop the spinning pointer with impeccable timing to widen your track and keep doing it until you reach the goal. When you have successfully made your course, you will start driving the taxi on the course you recently made. As you decide your course, point to the detained passengers so you can get them as you pass. You can definitely relax, you can't run them over! In any case, there are many different dangers in rush hour traffic. So judge your funds carefully and don't crash into mud, structures or different vehicles! Could you at some point complete every one of the 30 engaging yet challenging levels in Skiddy Taxi?

Rate Skiddy Taxi a great arcade vehicle game where you have to painstakingly plot the course your taxi should follow to take each of the passengers on the way to the final destination.

Pay attention to every point of the guide, stop the spinning bolt at the right second to widen your course without crashing, and every time you have assembled the perfect course, start driving naturally to the end of each level. Decide the course with perseverance, beware of the traffic risks of a city full of vehicles, carefully consider all your means and figure out how to beat a sum of 30 interesting and really exciting levels. Stay alert, show your skills as a driver and engage in basic gameplay for all ages with a dot-by-dot pixel design brought to life by the rounds of the 80s.