Mahjong Connect Halloween

In Mahjong Connect Halloween, spooky animals have invaded the board! Zombies, witches, vampires and many other terrifying beasts hang tight for you. Do you have the stuff to take on these characters in this Halloween themed game? Regardless of the penetration of the heavenly powers, the purpose of this game is not quite the same as the different games in the class. You try to clear the board by mixing indistinguishable tiles with each other. You can play the game with the mouse. To get started, click the play button in the main menu. First of all, you will see a wide range of tiles on the board. Look at them and imagine them by touching it. Then try to find its pair and once you do, click on it to connect them both to eliminate them from the board. Anyway, to connect them, they need to be close to each other. In the event that there are different tiles between them, they must be removed. In case you can't find out what to do, just click on the clues button located at the help base. At the highest point of the screen you can check the time and the level you are at. Enjoy the game!