Pancake Tower 3D

Pancake Tower 3D allows you to fill your stomach with extraordinary pleasure! Flapjacks is without a doubt probably the best snake ever. All in all, why not immerse yourself in this delightful game and take part in the preference without a doubt? How about we check if you will have enough of these delicacies at some point! This amazing looking 3D game is truly a stage game. Here you manage the giant 3D hot cakes and assortment of natural products. Your point of view is clear. You want to go as high as possible with your hot cake tower. How would you assemble the top? simple Just touch the plate and drag it across the stage. When you see a hot cake or organic product, try examining them to put them on your plate. However, when you see an obstacle, you should avoid them so as not to lose any movement with your tip. In the end, we will check if you have a high enough peak to get the most remarkable point. In the new amazing game Pancake Tower 3d you will take part in many exciting competitions. In front of you on the screen you will see the street that goes into the distance. There will be an unfilled sign on the starting line. As a sign, he will begin to slide forward constantly, moving forward. Use the control keys to control the activities of your plate. Check the screen. Various obstacles and traps will appear on the method of your plate, which you must bypass, skillfully observing it. Outside and in different places you will see lying hot cakes. You need to collect them and make a top of them on the plate. For everything you get in the game Pancake Tower 3d will give you tricks. Each time you cross the final goal, you can move on to a higher level of the game.