Collect stray pieces to develop the length of your train in this snake-style game in io! Play between different trains, but be sure not to collide in one or in all likelihood it's over! Get out of the bargain and intertwine your direction through the chaos as you unfold your train to the highest point in the rankings. is a cool 1-player IO game like the sample snake games, but you'll soon be driving a train shaped by piles of carts. Drive through this giant field loaded with different trains and make a bold effort to gather a wide range of things along the way to expand your cart measurements. First of all, you should try not to hit different trains or the limitations of the screen, otherwise your train will be crushed to pieces so that it can absorb other players with artificial intelligence. Do you think you have the stuff to be the biggest train on screen and catch different players on your way? Discover now and have fun playing Trains IO, a free web-based game. has appeared on our screens to make us play with an amazing 3D multiplayer train game! Can you develop as the biggest member, even if you try not to color because of your opponents? Travel carefully on your environmental elements as you collect screws, nuts, tools and abandoned wagons from various trains to evolve, grow and grow. Avoid the dividers around the battlefield to refrain from crossing and get to the highest point of the ranking - good luck!