Killer City

One day the sticker woke up and realized that everything had changed. Apparently, everything went on as before, but the actual substance of the city became extraordinary, harder, and surprisingly deadly dangerous. To fully understand the circumstance, take the legend on the roads in Killer City and you will quickly get everything. It turned out to be incredibly dangerous to walk, unless the saint was hit by a transport, a real executioner would lie paused in the entrance or around the bend. Your task is to collect the most extreme money. The green packages lie directly on the asphalt or in the houses. Equip yourself with a club to fend off the attack and deal with yourself when you go to the other side of the street. Grab money while avoiding death. Try to collect as much as possible while collecting as much money as can reasonably be expected in this crazy web based game. A new shiny test comes from the engineer! Stay away from executioners and vehicles as you go around the city pulling money out of the ground. Collect the bikes to help you stay safe in this wild city. Killer City is an online action game featuring Stickman characters! You'll probably stay clear of any of the executioners along the way while collecting as much money as can reasonably be expected. Try to avoid each of the vehicles and grab the polished ash to hit each of your enemies! You can also find some amazing weapons along the way, so stay tuned. Get rich with Stickman in Killer City and have a good time! Try not to color because of risky executors or in any case, on vehicle hits outside while trying to get as much cash flow as can be expected. Protect yourself with the homerun stick and have a good time!