War of Sticks

War of Sticks is a strategy game where you command the stick kingdom army and manage their assets and liability to skillfully overcome the enemy forces. This is the perfect opportunity for your hapless stick individuals to break away from the abusive Red Kingdom. Dig, build, prepare, redesign, attack and defend until your kin are freed. Start by training excavators to collect gold, then use your earnings for units like shields, archers, beasts and even mages! Use the stones collected by your excavators to craft guard towers. Be sure to upgrade each of your units and structures to reach the farthest limits of your power.

War of Sticks is an intriguing internet based procedural game. According to the plot, the main man must escape from the abusive Red Kingdom. He commands the famous armed forces, dealing with their assets. All ready hard and fast and defeat the opposing forces? The captivating storyline is supported by wonderful interactivity, useful controls and a great soundtrack. Here there are both exciting battles and a schedule of ordinary work: recruiting workers, training the military, collecting assets.