Mini Springs

Mini Springs is a fun platform game where you command a small mass face that can't bounce. You want to use the springs throughout the stage to avoid obstacles and opponents to reach the goal and complete all the levels.

Mini Springs is a nice run and jump game with sample pixel look, about a fun table that jumps on springs to reach its goal. This free web-based game presents you with the exemplary test of reaching the finish line of each stage, avoiding a wide range of hazards. Explore an awkward little table across the screen to reach springs that make it jump to the end banner of each stage.

In Smaller Than Expected Springs, you'll be moving left or right without the ability to jump until you reach one of the springs. Indeed, not every one of the springs will take you to the furthest edge of the stage. Try to line up the right combination of jumps to reach the flag, and whatever you do, stay away from the deadly spikes.