Hand Doctor

At Hand Doctor, this is an ideal opportunity to justify yourself with your partners and show them that you are the best hand specialist on the planet. Do you think that you will actually want to help these people and reduce their suffering? Take a look at all these hands. God, they look so awful. Each of these people must be in incredible pain. You need to help them right away. In this game your goal is to help all these 6 individuals and calm their agony. Whether this is your first time or not, don't stress. We are here to help you. The controls in this game are pretty clear. You just need the mouse to play. In case you are prepared, how about starting with the main person! She appears to have fallen on glass and now has wounds on her hands in light of this reason. First, start by placing ice packs on her swollen fingers. Currently use tweezers to remove the glass from her hands. Clean her wounds and sew up the wounds. Presto! You are practically ready. You can currently repair her damaged nails. Good job! You can now continue to various patients who are quietly hanging on to you and redesigning such a system. You seem to be great at your job. We can also use your abilities in different games. Virtually all young people who play different games outdoors get different types of wounds. Subsequently, they go to the emergency clinic, where their specialists provide qualified assistance. Today in the game Hand Doctor you will work in one of the facilities as a specialist. Young people who have various wounds on their hands will come to you and you should discuss them clinically. After selecting a patient, you need to evaluate his hand. It will have different chips and pieces of glass. You have to remove them with tweezers. Then you can apply some of the injuries with restorative ointments. You will need to join in case of various injuries.