continues the new convention for .io games. Play the role of an insatiable shark fighting for supremacy at sea. Eat whatever you find to get bigger, but watch out for bigger sharks! It only takes a few minutes to complete the game! Eating fish (and individual fish) focuses your attention. Bigger sharks are not as agile as more modest ones, so new players are in a good position. Surviving to fight another day, you will have the opportunity to become the greatest fish. is a .io game in which you will swim around with your shark. The goal is to eat everything that crosses your mind. There will be different creatures that will walk with you in the ocean, like crabs or different sharks. You can also look for people you can chase. The goal is to eat as many different animals as possible in order to evolve and move on. Beware of larger sharks that can kill you pretty quickly. You can also play the game on your mobile phone. So come on, how about we play. Sharks are sea hunters who hunt fish, but also humans. Today in the game Shark. io will help one of them to look for food and fight against his colleagues. The ocean shore will be visible on the screen in front of you. People who are resting will swim along the shore on inflatable sleeping pads. Immersed, you will see rooms of different species of fish. Your shark will be at a certain distance from this area. Using the control keys, you need to take the shark to this place and start hunting. You have to eat fish. This will cheer up your shark and it will start to fill up. Once you reach a certain length, you can chase individuals. By pushing them off the sleeping pads into the water, your shark will actually want to eat them too.