Short Ride

Short Ride is a wicked cycling game made by GameTornado. This is a sequel to the main Short Life game. In this scene, our legend does not walk. All things being equal, he cycles around. You have to help him ride his bike and avoid the various dangerous objects he runs over! The side view of interactivity is fun and terrifying. In case you get hit by an article, you can release appendages and blood will fly everywhere! There are different levels to play through and each presents an alternate test and a different arrangement of pitfalls. Would you be able to complete this direct short journey and make it out alive? Short Ride is an internet game made by game studio Gametornado. In this game you have to avoid risks, collect stars and try to last the gauntlet of destruction. Short Ride is a sequel to the popular game Short Life. Get on your bike and help your unfortunate rider see another day! Short Ride is a fun and shockingly wicked ragdoll game that you can play online and for free. Control a defenseless person on 20 unique stages loaded with deadly spike-like nets, dangerous mines, bolts and significantly more difficult things while riding different types of vehicles similar to bikes or segways. You can break your legs, have an early blow to your chest, or lose an arm, but as long as you keep walking, there are still expectations. Collect each of the three stars in each level to complete them with a perfect score. You are the only person who can decide how short this trip will be. On the off chance that you're not looking at your bike, it could very well end up like lightning. Speed ​​up and hold down at the right minutes to stay away from all the traps and reach the final goal alive. Would you be able to move forward with just one wheel? Get on the trampoline with your segway and collect each of the three stars on each level to open more levels. Good luck, don't bite the dust and take the short ride! Short Ride is an amazing internet game where you will have the opportunity to ride your bike. Compared to the sample games, it's a bit more frenetic. The deterrents in this game are really dangerous and can hurt your guy. This is the reason to be careful! The game will have them try to walk under, for example, a guillotine, the guillotine being so sharp that it can cut off your entire appendage. You should be as cautious as possible and review your efforts to overcome any deterrents. There are a huge number of levels available and in case you get exhausted, you can make your own levels.