Join & Strike

The red and yellow sticks have completely disappeared and this is not just a quarrel, but a real conflict in Join and Strike. Eventually you will find yourself in the red and to win, you must gather a whole armed forces, as there will be many opponents. White sticks will do to attract them to their side, they have not decided which side to go and whoever initiates them first will receive a recharge. Immediately gather each of the recorded people and when you meet opponents, shoot in any way to destroy them and reach the final destination in Join and Strike. Take your firearm and enter the firing range! Add new stickmen to your army to repel enemy attacks. Run with the group and shoot all groups of opponents. Endure this epic experience to face the ultimate leader. Prepared! Kit! Strike. Welcome to the arcade Join & amp; Percussion game; you really want to collect stikmen on scenes and shoot at enemies. Control a red specialist in heavy weapons with a gun and try to assemble your own military and destroy each of the opponents and complete the level of the game.