Stickman Dash

Welcome to Stickman Dash, you have come to the right solution coming here! Play as an innovative challenger with the ability to tamper with time. Out run your enemies, avoid their slugs and be accurate to trigger the combo hits Super easy to play controls, fair hold and delivery to the path you need to pass. Can you feel yourself getting it? Be careful with the Boss Levels that will challenge you from time to time! Many levels, example and supervisors keep you tight! Collect skins for your character, become the most impressive champion of Stickman Dash Feel free to give us information about the game <3 We make peaceful minutes transform into frantic experiences! We are a game studio created by Nonchalantly Mad game producers. We manufacture our games entirely in-house. We live to tell new stories and express those in the games we make for players around the world. This energy is echoed by millions who appreciate playing our games like Stickman Hook, Parkour Race and Sausage Flip. Play with us and see what happens next!