Battle Heroes 3

After long and angry conflicts, it is finally enjoying harmony in nations and encompassing regions. I could never hear the ringing of blades and the thunder of magic spells again, but it turned out to be only harmony before the next storm. Besides, another danger reappeared on the edge of the kingdom ... The legend is portrayed as a soldier of fortune who was sent outside the kingdom. Use military and mystical abilities, explore the universe of imagination and repair the towers. Fighters, towers, atmosphere, sorcery and weapons will help suppress the pressure of opponents pursuing battlefields. Battle Heroes 3 is a dream experience game in which you want to save the kingdom as a soldier of fortune to save. The popular group of legends, consisting of several champions and artists with different specializations, today go to the border of the sphere of individuals. A unit of our legends will fight against various species of beasts that threaten the linear region of the kingdom of individuals. You in the game Battle Heroes 3 must help them in this experience. Once you have chosen a legend for yourself, you will find yourself in a palace on the line. You have to wander around his domain and collect orders to kill animals. From now on, you will go outside the palace and start exploring the surrounding areas, as well as looking for animals. Once you meet the enemy, you will enter into battle with him. You must use the fighting abilities and supernatural abilities of your legend to inflict damage on the enemy until he is completely destroyed. After passing the legend you can get the prizes that fell from it. Returning to the palace, you will turn to the endeavor and focus on it. On them you can buy new weapons and learn various magic spells. Join and take part in one of the most amazing internet based pretending games in Battle Heroes 3! Defend the kingdom from the impending onslaught of huge pressure from insidious beasts that are ready to plunder and destroy humble cities while appreciating the amazing illustrations and subtleties. Try not to let them do it and help your brave heroes to stop this horrible massacre unequivocally! Use your mysterious and fighting abilities as you try to resist the urge to panic despite this terrible danger and stop for the last time the horrific invasion that follows the kingdom until you understand how to dominate new weapons, promote the character and strength of your legends and assemble strong protective peaks to help you endure this unthinkable experience. Battle Heroes 3 is an experienced game in which you play as a soldier of fortune who is sent outside the kingdom. Use your abilities and sorcery to battle in this dream country. Repair legends, champions, towers, emanations, sorcery and weapons. Investigate and do magical things and also develop winged snakes or cerbers. Battle Heroes 3 is an RPG experience game in which you play as a legend who is a hired fighter sent outside the kingdom line. Investigate the prison and protect the kingdom, limit the influx of enemies. Use combat and sorcery abilities, explore the land of dreams, promote legend and champions, towers, atmosphere, sorcery, weapons. Investigate and do supernatural things. Raise winged snake or cerberus. Compete different players in the field or capture the kingdom and collect recognition. Compete different players in the field or capture the kingdom and collect recognition.