Dangerous Adventure

Dangerous Adventure is an experienced battle with a pearl matching tool. Five characters follow their fantasies. They work together and embark on a dangerous experience. Help them in their dangerous journey for gold. This wonderfully crafted experience game combines battle with puzzle components (you have to match jewelry to make attacks). Once in a bar you were expecting a lonely glass of drink from a drunken, magnificent parchment. There is a map of wealth. Valid, we must fight for them, in light of the fact that there are many guard beasts nearby who are completely reluctant to give the primary individual they are experiencing the most valuable thing they have. Assemble a group to overcome each of the beasts that will be outside. In this wonderful game you have to connect all the parts of this riddle. Play with five saints to satisfy their fantasies! Explore risky gorges, kill enemies and get gold! Between battles you can work on your saints. An exceptional experience in search of gold to satisfy the imagination! Amazing game with a prison experience with the mechanics of jewelry matching puzzles! Five saints joined forces to satisfy their fantasies! Explore a risky cave, kill enemies, open chests, get gold! Between battles, you can work on their legends and buy new things at the bar. Join this great experience in search of gold! Five legends came together to make their fantasies come true. Explore risky caves and smash your enemies by matching diamonds in a riddle. Update your legends and buy new things at the bar. Good luck!