Bullet time

Today, the spy nicknamed Bullet Time must complete several missions to destroy the heads of criminal organizations. You will help him in this matter. In front of you on the screen will be a battlefield on which your man will be. The criminal will remain at a specific separation from him. Your saint will be equipped with a weapon with a laser sight. By tapping the screen, you will see a light beam scope. When he consolidates with the enemy, make an effort. In case your vision is accurate, a slug hitting an enemy will obliterate them and you'll get focuses for them. Shoot all the troublemakers to complete each level in this fun online puzzle game. You have a limited measure of ammo, so use ricochets and different items in the level to your potential advantage. There are 40 levels to complete, watch your ammo and keep firing. In case you get stuck at any level, watch our supporting video game guide.