Mini Sticky

Mini Sticky is a stage arcade game where you control this little pink slime to get her goodies. Stand on the gum walls to avoid opponents. Stay away from each of the obstacles in the pursuit of the goodies.

From the Mini Sticky series comes another platformer game called Mini Sticky. In this game, you will be that adorable minimal pink table that needs to get the candy just to advance to a higher level. Watch out for enemies, spikes, and that pink goo on the stage on the grounds that once you step on it, the main choice is to jump out of it.

In case you love exemplary PC games and retro style Mini Sticky is created for you! Get ready to participate in this enjoyable stage game as you help an adorable pink candy called Mass development to the secret candy at the opposite end of the screen.

Jump bravely, try not to get stuck on the dangerous and sharp spikes on the way and move carefully to reach the finish of each level safely, use your extraordinary abilities and achieve your main goal thanks to your amazing persistence.

In Mini Sticky, a retro-style stage arcade game, you want to guide some pink slime to her delicious candies while avoiding enemies and deterrents. To do this, you will need to use the abilities of the table to hold on to the walls of the gum land and other territory to overcome difficulties.