Army Commander

Battle prepare your soldiers! Now is the perfect time to defeat the enemy's property! Fight for your right to defend your country as president. Your main goal is to capture the enemy's flag by building your fighters and stations. Store as many label units as you can. The more you collect, the more you can collect and the more grounded you become. In the game Army Commander you will get the position of administrator of the armed forces and you must win the battle against the Red Stickmen. This will require not only the capacity to fight in the military zone, but ensuring a reliable rear is important. Collect coins as warrior tokens and build a dormitory, work on the abilities of the contenders in order to make them more talented and reliable. The strength is not in this attitude, in the fight against the soul and the talented treatment of new types of weapons. You are expected to be quick to collect coins quickly and ensure that the positions of the characters are reloaded. When you are prepared, storm and then it will be clear how great your training was in the army commander.